Storm Drain Great Egret Sidewalk Art

I love having art projects that inspire people to learn about their community.

This was one of them. I originally painted this sidewalk three years ago when I won the contest promoted by

** (The sidewalk didn't quite seal properly, so they asked me to redo it this year.) now sponsors storm drain art in York, PA annually to help raise awareness to the storm drains.

People are curious about the art on the sidewalks, and then learn about the drains.

This is important because many people do not know that the water and pollutants that run into storm drains goes straight into the creeks and this water does not get treated.

Knowing this will help out our local wildlife and our important waterways that all lead to the Chesapeake Bay.

I'm looking forward to judging this year's contest and seeing all the wonderful ideas that will promote keeping York beautiful

A special thank you to Rhonda, Jodi and Lettice who were ready to help out even in the heat and then rain on Friday; and to Eric who helped out on Saturday!

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