Starting the Classics Collection

I have been painting for 25 years. So I decided that it's time for me to go through my paintings and reminisce.

Join me on my journey!

I first dreamed of having my art in an art gallery about 17 years ago. But I didn't have enough paintings to show at a local gallery. Someone mentioned that the magic number of paintings was 30. So I diligently painted on weekends and my days off. I began to have painter's block, and I did not want to paint so much. But I discovered that animals inspired me the most to keep painting. So I kept at it. I started my own website, went to art shows, and eventually opened my own art gallery! I teach and paint and enjoy most of my days in the studio or out at an art show.

But I decided it was time to go back through all of my many paintings and share them for those who have never seen them nor heard the story behind them. And I am making special edition prints available in my "Classics Collection."

The first painting in my classics collection is the Cedar Waxwing. It is special to me because I remember seeing it on my first real bird-watching expedition and I fell in love with it. The original painting was watercolor on watercolor paper, and it was the first bird I ever painted.



Cedar Waxwing

This special edition has the title and my name on the border.