Frisbee Fun

In January 2018, my dad saw a post on a bulletin board at the vet for a free dog and told us about it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I called the number.

The free puppy turned out to be a 7 month old yellow lab. He was travelling with his family from Louisiana. They were travelling because of working on the gas pipeline. The family was staying at a campground as usual, but this time people had been complaining about the puppy running everywhere.

So, they decided to try to find a good home for him. They were happy that we had a big yard. We were so excited to welcome him into our lives. He chewed up a few toys and windowsills, but we just fell in love with him.

One day I decided to see if he would chase a frisbee; and he did and almost caught it! So I practiced with him, and he is an amazing frisbee dog!

He still has a lot of energy at 4 years old and runs after balls thrown with a chuck-it many times a day. But our favorite play time is still frisbee time.

So I tried to capture his enthusiasm and love for playing frisbee in this painting.

It reminds me to take time for him and to take time for having fun in life.



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